Awkward race question. I just got into "Community," and a friend really wants the two of us to cosplay as a genderbent Troy and Abed for a convention. She wants to be Abed, so I would (obviously) be Troy. The problem is that he's a Black character, and I'm White. I wouldn't dream of doing any kind of dark makeup,…


POLITENESS DEBATE! A coworker at my new job is very visibly pregnant (and carries it in such a way that I know that she's just not fat). I want to make conversation with her, but I don't like to ask pregnancy-related questions (since my policy is never assume a woman is pregnant unless she tells you are you see a…

I'm getting a chiropractic treatment for the first time in about four years today. My neck has been hurting like crazy and I threw out my upper back last week, so I think it's time to go back. The doctor got all 5-star reviews on Yelp, which I take as a good sign.

Do any of y'all have your own domain name with web hosting? Can you recommend a company to use? I really don't want to use GoDaddy, but everything else is kind of expensive. I just want a simple site that links to all my social media and any writings I've done.

Do any of y'all freelance? I've been trying to get jobs on elance, but no dice so far. (I think) I'm about to take on a part-time job, and would like to EVENTUALLY be able to fill the rest of the time with writing. I just don't want to jump into this shit without knowing what I'm doing.


Any other cosplayers here? I'm trying to go to more cons this year, and I'm looking to add more characters to my repertoire (especially since I had to throw away my red wig... sniff). I have naturally curly brown hair (although I'm willing to get wigs) and wear glasses. So far, what I have on tap is:

I'm trying my hardest not to look at the Colorado news. I almost started crying at lunch thinking about those poor parents losing their children right before Christmas. I want to do something, but what can you possibly do in that situation?